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MW3 map packs early on Xbox 360

Microsoft have indeed as said at E3 2011, obtained exclusive rights to get the Call of Duty: MW3 map packs early. This may not be a surprise to a lot of you as in 2010 Activision did announce that this would happen for several years.

So, if you're an Xbox player, rather than daunt at the fact that you may need to spend over $100 on MW3 by February 2012 you can simply use our method and get your early mw3 map packs free!

But what if you're a PS3 player? Well you can still get the map packs free! You may have more time to pull in some $'s while you wait for the map packs but at least you won't have to fork out the extortion that so many other oblivious gamers will be doing.

With Microsoft spending the money to get this exclusive deal, many think the money should have been spent better. We Xbox users do pay for our service and with the Call of Duty franchise being one of, if not THE biggest in gaming, it is nice to see we get something for our payments.

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