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Black Ops 2 - free game

With the release of Black Ops 2 dawning closer and closer many gamers are looking for ways to get their hands on the new installment, pre-ordered. With Nuketown 2025 coming with the pre-ordered editions Amazon are again affiliated with Points2Shop to give you your free copy of Black Ops 2. There is no 2 ways about it. This is the only method in which gamers will be able to get the game for free legitimately. So get over to the site, sign up for your free black ops 2 game. I am also remaking an entirely new blog about Black Ops 2 and would appreciate it if you could head over to FreeBlackOps2DLC on blogger and click the like on facebook option. As always this entitles you if you are US or UK to a free starting $2.50 towards any amazon items when signing up and confirming your email. The site is safe, used by over 3 million gamers and is not some unknown secret. Amazon has been affiliated with this program for over 4 years! Happy gaming. See you on Nuketown 2025 on your free copy of Black Ops 2.

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Black Box Easter Egg | Teddy Bear Location

The new free DLC Elite Drop 4, Black Box has just been released for Premium Elite members on the Xbox 360. With this comes a new easter egg. Whereas Overwatch did not contain a teddy bear, Black Box does and I discovered it within minutes.

As you can see in the attached picture the teddy bear sits on the north end of the map in a swimming pool, gently resting with its hat on a inflatable ring.

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MW3 Second map pack - Overwatch and Blackbox

While the second MW3 map pack has not officially dropped yet as of today. We have confirmed information and screenshots of the 2 new maps ready to be released as part of the Elite Drop 2.

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The 2 new maps, as you may have guessed by the title of this post, are Overwatch and Blackbox.

While Elite premium members on Xbox 360 will get to play these maps first there is no reason you yourself (providing you have an xbox) can not get Elite Premium for free (value of $50) by using such websites that pay for either free microsoft points or Free Elite Premium.


This map is VERY like Highrise from MW2. It is slightly more multi-leveled but has the same general layout as many of you will be pleased with. The cranes and scaffolding g
ive perfect out-of-map vantage points to take unsuspecting enemies out and the long lines of sights will be a favorite among snipers.


This map is a very nice cross between Estate and Afghan from MW2. It offers close quarters combat at multi-levels with many higher, steep lines of sight. The combination of the Elite Drop 1 map pack and the Elite Drop 2 shows us that Activision are doing something they haven't done in a while; create decent original maps.

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You can see a few seconds of gameplay in the Latest CoD Elite Join trailer:

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MW3 First Map Pack - Liberation and Piazza

The first Elite MW3 map packs have been dropped on MW3 with the new maps, Liberation and Piazza. Two medium to large maps with a new and original design.

The MW3 map pack is free first for Elite Premium subscribers on Xbox 360 with regular Xbox members getting it later for purchase with Microsoft Points.

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Now my summary of the the maps.


Liberation is set in New York City's central park. The map is set in the Fall and is pretty wide and open. Snipers and Assault Rifles reign supreme with the long lines of sites. The map is split down the middle by 3 bridges and a dry river bed. With many spots to head glitch you want to check every line of site and perhaps stick to the edges of the map. The Hot spots seem to be at the opening of a bunker just under the central bridge on 'A' side of Domination.


Piazza is a very urban and Close quarters firefight. The map has tight turns and steep stairs. While the map can suit almost every weapon type I have found that even as a Sniper, I have found better success with an SMG going 40+ with under 10 deaths the majority of the time compared to Sniping where you may go about 28-8 on average. This map has different hotspots depending on the game-type. My best strategy is to simply move around the map in a circular motion. Because of the number of routes available to players the enemy team rarely are found stuck together so it's easy to pick off 2 or 3 at most before running into the next set.

Good luck, and hope to see you online playing your free mw3 map packs soon. Don't let Activision Bullshit you out of your money. Let amazon give you them for free ;)


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MW3 Multiplayer Classes

I have posted all the MW3 multiplayer classes from the official MW3 multiplayer trailer released sept 2.

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There are much more weapons and killstreaks in the game but this list is directly from the multiplayer video. Remember that.

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M4 - ACOG, Dual Mag
ACR 6.8 - Red Dot, Hybrid Scope, Heartbeat Sensor
Riot Shield

M320 GLM
Dragunov - Variable Zoom (because of overkill)

2 Attachments

Flash grenade
Frag grenade
Throwing Knife
Bouncing Betty
EMP grenade
Portable RADAR
Trophy System

2 - Scavenger Pro
3 - UAV
4 - Steady Aim Pro
5 - Ballistic Vest
6 - Marksman Pro
7 - Airdrop Trap
9 - AH-6 Overwatch (helicopter)
9 - Remote Turret
10 - Recon Drone
11 - EMP
14 - Stealth Bomber
15 - Juggernaut

Perk 1:
Extreme Conditioning
Blind Eye

Perk 2:
Blast Shield

Perk 3:
Dead Silence

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MW3 Multiplayer Maps

Want to know which mw3 multiplayer maps will feature in CoD: MW3?  Well as I posted before there has been the same list appearing everywhere online.

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These are the speculated list for those that haven't seen:

Note all names are without the MW3 after.

Alpha MW3
Alps MW3
Bootleg MW3
Bravo MW3
Brooklyn MW3
Carbon MW3
Coast MW3
Dome MW3
Exchange MW3
Hardhat MW3
Interange MW3
Lambeth MW3
Meteroa MW3
Mogadishu MW3
Paris MW3
Plaza 2 MW3
Radar MW3
Seatown MW3
Underground MW3
Village MW3

Ok, so that's the list that's floating around. Here is my analysis. Plaza 2? I think this could be Plaza v2.0 and therefor just be called Plaza. I'm not convinced on the names for Alpha and Bravo. I'm also unsure about Hardhat. So from free mw3 map packs, This is my list of predicted maps for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3:

Alps - A semi-large map similar to Derail on MW2

Bootleg - A CQB map in a smuggling warehouse?

Brooklyn - A medium sized map similar to Skidrow and Invasion in MW2

Carbon - I honestly have no clue.

Coast - I'm guessing a modern normandy beach landing type deal. Map design similar to something from WW2 games but obviously tech'd up to modern specs.

Dome - This i'm guessing will be a primarily indoors map similar size to Terminal from MW2.

Exchange - I have had multiple theories for this map. I would say this map is similar to berlin wall perhaps from black ops in that it the frontline of both factions.

Interange - Could this be a typo for interchange? Possibly a train station? similar size to Estate on MW2?

Lambeth - This has to be medium-large map. I think this will be a 3 level map. The buildings and rooftops, the ground and possibly some access to the london underground.

Meteroa - Again I think this is a typo for Meteora. This is think will be a very CQB map fought inside the monastry in Greece perhaps? It has a very secluded outer-map and looks very CoD.

Mogadishu - For this map i'm speculating a very close match to Favela from MW2. Mogadishu also suggests that there could be references to Somalia's most notorious islamic rebel group, al-Shabaab.

Paris - There are so many locations within Paris that this map could feature. My personal guess is it will be centered around either the arc de triomphe or the Eiffel Tower.

Plaza - For plaza i'm guessing something similar to the Invasion map in MW2 but with a twist of showdown from CoD4.

Radar - On this i'm seeing something like a cross between array on Black Ops and De-rail on MW2. Perhaps with a more indoor element?

Seatown - A beach town i'm guessing similar to Nuketown on Black ops but with more buildings?

Underground - This could be like what i've suggested for Lambeth with a lot of access to underground tunnels etc. So I'm not sure is what i'm saying.

Village - Well the name speaks for itself. The question is where? What culture will the village be set in? I'm thinking either African or East-Asian.

Ok so that was the Free MW3 Maps on the fly rundown of the new maps for MW3.

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MW3 map packs early on Xbox 360

Microsoft have indeed as said at E3 2011, obtained exclusive rights to get the Call of Duty: MW3 map packs early. This may not be a surprise to a lot of you as in 2010 Activision did announce that this would happen for several years.

So, if you're an Xbox player, rather than daunt at the fact that you may need to spend over $100 on MW3 by February 2012 you can simply use our method and get your early mw3 map packs free!

But what if you're a PS3 player? Well you can still get the map packs free! You may have more time to pull in some $'s while you wait for the map packs but at least you won't have to fork out the extortion that so many other oblivious gamers will be doing.

With Microsoft spending the money to get this exclusive deal, many think the money should have been spent better. We Xbox users do pay for our service and with the Call of Duty franchise being one of, if not THE biggest in gaming, it is nice to see we get something for our payments.

So now, how do you get the early mw3 map packs? Well as long as you are over the age of 13 and have parental consent if you are under 18, you simply sign up, complete some market research surveys, watch some videos, play games and refer your friends to get cash in a paypal, or other online banking account, or Amazon points to redeem on through the website (so yes your games and other gaming gear DOES come from Amazon and you do get confirmation receipts.)

That is indeed one of the reasons for this blog. For you to sign up, enjoy the website and refer other gamers earning you $1 per US and UK referral using your own referral link and then 15% of their earnings when doing surveys. So which ever free mw3 map pack you want or ANY Call of Duty map pack you want, go to the home page of this blog and click on the relevant image in the slider. Sign up, confirm your email and ask the over 3 million users that are in the shoutbox daily for help.

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